The AAUP-CBC supports unionization as the most effective means for academic employees to protect shared governance and academic freedom, to uphold professional standards and values, and to promote higher education as an investment in our common future.

  • The AAUP-CBC banquet was held during the 2015 AAUP Annual Conference on Thursday, June 11. Featured speaker Richard F. Griffin, Jr., general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, spoke about recent developments at the NLRB that relate to employees at higher education institutions.

  • Through the One Faculty campaign, AAUP staff, leaders, and members are working together to develop tools that faculty can use on our campuses to gain concrete improvements in job security and working conditions for faculty on contingent appointments.


In the wake of legislative attacks on higher education in the state, we call on regents, administrators, and faculty and academic staff in Wisconsin to work together to develop policies in line with AAUP standards.

This supplementary report  will only be the seventh such report ever issued by the AAUP. For further background on LSU, see Academic Freedom and Tenure: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge issued in 2011.

As the Supreme Court takes up the Friedrichs case, the AAUP and AAUP-CBC stand with all of labor in defending collective bargaining rights for public sector workers.

AAUP president Rudy Fichtenbaum told the 101st annual meeting that we need a bigger and more inclusive AAUP to fight concerted political attacks on higher education as a public good.

AAUP & AAUP-CBC in the News

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Emerson Adjuncts Ratify New Contract

“It’s another solid win for contingent faculty in our city and AAUP nationally,” said David Kociemba, president of the AFEC-AAUP and member of the national AAUP’s committee on Contingency and the Profession. “We hope that our fellow AAUP union members at Suffolk University and other faculty unions at Boston University and Northeastern University can build on this foundation in negotiations this summer.” Pictured: Brian McNeil AFEC-AAUP VP (on right) and vote counter, Barry Marshall.

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Public Education is a Public Good

In this YouTube video, Howard Bunsis, Professor of Accounting at Eastern Michigan University  and chair of the AAUP-CBC, discusses the problems with corporatization of higher education, and the role of the AAUP in fighting for public education as public good.


CBC Webinars

To help members acquire the resources and skills necessary to lead the fight for faculty rights, the AAUP and the AAUP-CBC have developed a series of online training webinars. Each webinar includes a presentation with a slideshow and a question-and-answer session with the presenter.

Members now have access to previous webinars, including recordings, presentation slides, and handouts. Topics covered include: arbitration, faculty handbooks, working with the media, how to obtain pertinent information, contingent appointments and faculty governance, and more. 

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