2017 Candidates for Office

Nominations are sought for the offices of AAUP-CBC chair, vice-chair, and three at-large seats on the AAUP-CBC Executive Committee. The length of term for each position is two years.

In order to be eligible for nomination the nominee must be a member in good standing of a unit of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress, as defined in Article III of the AAUP-CBC Constitution.

The following individuals have been nominated as of May 15, 2017. Candidates have been invited to supply statements and those provided are linked below. 

For Chair:
Paul Davis, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College AAUP (see the candidate's statement)

For Vice Chair:
Dennis Mazzocco, Hofstra University AAUP (withdrawn)
Diana Rios, University of Connecticut AAUP (see the candidate's statement)

For At-Large Seats:
Antonio Gallo, California State University–Northridge, California Faculty Association (see the candidate's statement)
Nivedita Majumdar, City University of New York John Jay College, Professional Staff Congress CUNY (see the candidate's statement)

Additional nominations may be received at the regular meeting. The nomination must be in writing and must include the nominee’s name, the member unit of which the nominee is a member, and a signed consent from the nominee.  The nomination must be received by the AAUP-CBC secretary no later than one hour after the start of the meeting. The nomination must then be made and seconded by delegates from the floor.

For further information regarding the nominations and elections process, please refer to Articles V and VI of the AAUP-CBC Constitution and to the 2017 Nominations and Election Notice.  

Candidates will be provided an opportunity to briefly address the AAUP-CBC regular meeting after the nominations have been finalized.