2017 Nominations and Election Notice

Nominations are sought for the offices of AAUP-CBC chair, vice chair, and three at-large seats. The length of term for each position is two years.

In order to be eligible for nomination the nominee must be a member in good standing of a unit of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress, as defined in Article III of the AAUP-CBC Constitution.


Each nomination shall be in writing and shall include a signed consent from the nominee. The nomination shall clearly state the name of the individual being nominated and the member unit of which the nominee is a member. Advance written nominations must be received by the chairperson of the nominating committee by April 30.

To submit a nomination by petition please use the following forms:

Submit completed nominations forms to Joshua Lenes, Nominations Committee Staff. You may submit materials by e-mail (to jlenes@aaup.org), by fax (202-737-5526; Attn: Joshua Lenes), or by postal mail to:

CBC Nominations
Attn: Joshua Lenes
American Association of University Professors
1133 19th Street NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036

Nominations may also be received at the regular meeting at which the election is held. The nomination must be in writing and must include the nominee’s name, the member unit of which the nominee is a member, and a signed consent from the nominee. The nomination must be received by the AAUP-CBC Secretary no later than one hour after the start of the meeting. The nomination must then be made and seconded by delegates from the floor.

For guidance about the nominations and elections process, please refer to the AAUP-CBC Constitution. Please note that in order to be eligible to stand for election, the nominee must be a member of a member unit of the Collective Bargaining Congress, as defined in Article III. The process for nominating a candidate, is outlined in Articles V and VI of the CBC Constitution.

Please note that the AAUP-CBC constitution was amended during the June 2016 AAUP-CBC annual meeting. You can read a summary and the full text of the amendments here

The federal Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA) prohibits individuals who have been convicted of certain crimes from holding office or employment in labor organizations. Therefore, nominees for office will be required to execute a Certification of Qualification for AAUP-CBC Service under LMRDA prior to being placed on the ballot. This form, and a detailed explanation of the LMRDA requirements, is available on the AAUP-CBC website and will be provided to eligible nominees.

Candidates will be provided an opportunity to briefly address the AAUP-CBC Annual Meeting after the nominations have been finalized.


The elections are conducted pursuant to Article VI of the AAUP-CBC Constitution. Elections shall be by secret ballot only. Only registered voting delegates of member units in good standing shall be entitled to vote. Voting delegates must be active members of the AAUP, and must be elected as delegates by secret ballot by their respective chapters or serving as delegates by virtue of the office to which they were elected by secret ballot.

Each member unit in good standing shall be entitled to one voting delegate for each two hundred-fifty (250) (or fraction thereof) bargaining unit members from whom AAUP dues or agency fees have been received and for whom AAUP-CBC dues are paid, up to a maximum of ten votes.

The voting cards for each unit will be distributed to the chapter president or their designee, who must be a voting delegate, from 4:30 to 6:30 PM on June 15, 2017 at the site of the AAUP-CBC Annual Meeting. While voting cards are used to participate in the AAUP-CBC Annual Meeting, they are exchanged for ballots the following day.

The Secretary shall prepare the official ballot. An individual registered voting delegate may receive one ballot, provided that the ballots for their chapter have not previously been distributed. The chapter president or the president’s designee may receive the ballots for their chapter if he or she a) is a registered voting delegate, b) presents the voting cards for the chapter distributed the previous day, and c) has been authorized by the chapter’s voting delegates to cast the ballots.

The election schedule is as follows:

Distribution of Voting Cards

Date: Thursday June 15, 2017

Distribution of Voting Cards: 4:30–6:30 PM

Location: District Ballroom, Mayflower Renaissance Hotel, 1127 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC

Distribution and Casting of Ballots

Date: Friday June 16, 2017

Distribution of Ballots: 7:00–8:30 AM

Casting of Ballots: 7:30–8:30 AM

Location: Mayflower Renaissance Hotel, 1127 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC (the specific location in the hotel for the balloting shall be announced prior to the day on which the election is to occur.)

The ballot count will take place immediately following the conclusion of the voting. Once the counting has begun, no additional ballots shall be accepted.

The election shall be by plurality vote. In case of a tied vote in the election of officers or Executive Committee members, there shall be a run-off election.

Each candidate is permitted to observe, or to have an observer present at, the counting of the ballots.

For complete election information, please see https://www.aaupcbc.org/about/elections.


AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress chair Howard Bunsis (Eastern Michigan University), acting in accordance with the AAUP-CBC Bylaws, has appointed the nominating committee for the 2017 AAUP-CBC Executive Committee elections. The members of the committee are:

Michael Kimaid (Bowling Green State University, Chair)
Patricia Navarra (Hofstra)
Michael Dreiling (University of Oregon)
Mary Ann Mahoney (Central Connecticut State)
Linda Rouillard (University of Toledo)