2019 Election Candidate Statements

The following individuals have been nominated as of May 15, 2019. Candidate statements are available below for candidates who have provided them.

Paul Davis, Cincinnati State University

Diana Rios, University of Connecticut

John Castella, Rutgers University
Antonio Gallo, California Faculty Association
Mary Ann Mahony, Connecticut State University
Nivedita Majumdar, City University of New York John Jay College, Professional Staff Congress
Debasmita Misra, University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Candidate Statements

Paul Davis, Cincinnati State University (Chair)

It is an honor for me to put my name up for reelection as CBC Chairperson.  These are turbulent times for our profession, our association, and our membership.  I have, in conjunction with many others, have worked hard to not only “Janus-proof” the national association, but to try to protect each chapter from all of the efforts being made to destroy what we stand for. The job is not done.  I want to finish the effort I have made during the last two years, and lead us as we grow our membership.  Now more than ever, it is important to join together and fight against those that literally want to destroy the foundations and principles of the AAUP; foundations and principles that have lasted for over 100 years.  Therefore, I ask for your vote. 

Diana Rios, University of Connecticut (Vice-Chair)

In our post-Janus world we’ll encounter more challenges as economic-political entities claw at our rights as academics, teachers, and scholars. I wish to represent you again, and ask for your vote. You are crucial to higher education’s future--faculty with heavy teaching, mentoring, research, and more obligations. We are “one faculty,” as adjuncts and tenure-lines, facing assaults to our profession.

As a second-term vice-chair I bring important continuity and insights. Over the years, I have been honored to work closely with individuals and teams within National-AAUP to tackle key academic freedom issues and to problem-solve.

Defending the professoriate is vital for a strong future for us all.

I was part of pivotal chapter developments as President, Vice-President and EC member.  UConn-AAUP continues growth in voice and power.

John Castella, Rutgers University

John Castella has been representing union members for over 22 years, serving as a Staff Representative for the Communications Workers of America, New Jersey. He negotiates collective bargaining agreements as well as represents members in discipline hearings, up to and including mediation and arbitration. Mr. Castella also serves on the National Council for the American Association of University Professors. In addition, Mr. Castella is the Vice-President of the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations Alumni Association.

As a Rutgers Part-Time Lecturer, Mr. Castella teaches courses including “Introduction to Labor Studies and Employment Relations”, “Collective Bargaining”, and “Labor Relations in Professional Sports.” He also teaches certificate program courses for the Rutgers Union Leadership Academy centering around, “Collective Bargaining”, “Internal Organizing”, and “Building Effective Unions.”

Previously, Mr. Castella served as the Vice- President of the Rutgers (AAUP-AFT) Part- Time Lecturers unit (2015-2017). He also served on their Executive Board.

Mary Ann Mahony, Connecticut State University

As At Large member, I pledge to help the CBC adapt to the changes required by the Janus decision.  I have been active in AAUP since 2010 and a member of the National Council of AAUP since 2018.  At CCSU-AAUP (a division of CSU-AAUP), I served as Elections Committee Chair, Vice-President, President, Political Committee Chair, and member of the bargaining team for the most recent contract negotiations. I worked to defend members’ interests and increase the Union’s responsiveness.  I am currently an Ex-Officio member of the Executive Committee of CCSU-AAUP, and, as a member of the National Council of AAUP, an ex-Officio member of the CSU-AAUP Council. I have benefitted enormously from the expertise of colleagues at the Summer Institutes and Annual Meetings I have attended. I look forward to using my experience to serve the CBC and colleagues in this difficult time.

Nivedita Majumdar, City University of New York John Jay College, Professional Staff Congress

I am currently serving as At-large member of AAUP-CBC, and as Secretary of the Professional Staff Congress, the CUNY union representing 30,000 faculty and staff. I have been active in the fight for faculty rights in unions and on governance bodies for more than twenty years.

I am grateful for the privilege of serving on the CBC at a crucial juncture when we are strongly resisting a concerted attack on unions and on academic freedom. Our locals around the country are successfully fighting back against this regime of fiscal austerity and the threat to faculty voices.  Given the opportunity, I will be honored to serve another term on the executive committee of an association that is a site of resistance, of organizing and of community.