2017 Media Releases

12.07.2017 | National Security, the Assault on Science, and Academic Freedom

A new report, National Security, the Assault on Science, and Academic Freedom, released by the AAUP details troubling threats to academic freedom in the physical and natural sciences that have been exacerbated by the Trump administration’s hostility to science. International scientific exchange and, especially, the charging of innocent Chinese or Chinese American scientists with espionage in the name of national security is one focus of the report. The second is climate science, which has been subject to vicious attacks that have intensified significantly under the current administration.

10.12.2017 | AAUP and AFT Oppose Punitive Protest Policy

The presidents of the AFT and the AAUP expressed concerns about the approval by the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents of a policy to suspend and expel students who protest speeches on University of Wisconsin campuses.

07.14.2017 | Academic Freedom Prevails at Trinity College

In a victory for academic freedom, the administration of Trinity College in Connecticut acknowledged today that Professor Johnny Williams’s social media posts “were protected by academic freedom and did not violate Trinity College policies.”

05.08.2017 | University of Chicago Graduate Employees File to Form Union

Today, a strong majority of graduate employees at the University of Chicago filed authorization cards to hold a union recognition election. The union will be affiliated with the AAUP, the Illinois Federation of Teachers, and the American Federation of Teachers.

01.30.2017 | Stand Against the Muslim Ban

The AAUP strongly opposes Donald Trump's unconstitutional and discriminatory ban on entry into the United States for people from some Muslim-majority countries. Large numbers of our students and faculty members are affected by the administration’s ill-considered executive order, which violates so many American traditions and beliefs.