2013 AAUP & CBC In the News

10.05.2013 | Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette

AAUP-CBC chair Howard Bunsis' speech is called "Our University at the Crossroads: Finances, Budgets, and the Faculty."

08.07.2013 | Providence Journal

Frank Annunziato, executive director of the URI-AAUP, a 700-person faculty union, said, "We claimed they had welshed on the agreement. We said that constitutes an unfair labor practice."

06.29.2013 | Toledo Blade

Ohio’s 6th District Court of Appeals sided with an earlier ruling to uphold the arbitrator's decision, which stated the UT administration violated its contract with the union when it failed to consult the Faculty Senate about a plan to reorganize academic colleges.

05.16.2013 | NWLabor.org

“One of the strangest parts of this,” AAUP member Bill Harbaugh told the Labor Press, “is that not only is the university administration paying the lawyers to do the negotiating, but because my blog makes the lawyers look bad, the lawyers are now paying consultants to try to make the lawyers look good.”

05.09.2013 | Journal Sentinel PolitiFact

The AAUP-CBC's chair, Howard Bunsis is asked to evaluate the University of Wisconsin System's reserves.