2015 AAUP & CBC In the News

04.15.2015 | California Faculty Association

Over the past decade—in good times and bad, whether state funding was up or down, when tuition was raised and when it wasn’t—CSU expenditures on faculty salaries have remained essentially flat. Furthermore, the average CSU faculty salary on every CSU campus actually has lost purchasing power.

As this paper shows, the failure to fund faculty salaries is shocking in both its magnitude and its consistency over time.

04.02.2015 | Denver Post

Tim McGettigan, AAUP member and sociology professor at CSU-Pueblo, asks "Who does Colorado State University exist to serve: overpriced administrators or cash-strapped students?" He points out that while the three chancellors are paid a combined $934,500 and one pushes for a $250 million luxury football stadium, students have seen tuition costs go through the roof and food relief programs try to address the needs of starving staff and faculty. 

03.24.2015 | Socialist Worker

"Membership activism provided the leverage our negotiating team needed to successfully revise management's 'subject to' clause in order to guarantee our raises cannot be frozen at whim. While we were not able to achieve all of our goals, on balance we think this is a good contract," wrote Professor Lisa Klein, president of the Rutgers chapter of the AAUP-AFT.

03.16.2015 | Socialist Worker

Tireless organizing and an overwhelming vote to authorize a strike--paid off for Graduate Student Organizing Committee (GSOC-UAW Local 2110) members when they won a tentative agreement at New York University.

03.13.2015 | Philadelphia Inquirer

The agreement with the AAUP-AFT, announced Thursday in messages sent to faculty, would cover nearly 4,700 of its members. Rutgers has been in contract negotiations with unions that represent 20,000 of its more than 24,400 faculty and staff.

03.05.2015 | Columbia University Spectator

Of the existing unions, studies indicate that the faculty-student relationship may actually be improved by unionization. Further, the American Association of University Professors is in support of allowing graduate students to unionize.

03.03.2015 | UD Review

Following the publication of President Harker’s OpEd in the Philadelphia Inquirer, faculty members across campus were justifiably offended by its characterization of higher education in general, and, specifically, the faculty, students, and of the University of Delaware.

02.24.2015 | NJ.com

Members of the faculty union are scheduled to hold a march and rally at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday to continue to pressure campus officials to finalize a deal. The march is scheduled to end with a protest inside Old Queens, the university's main administration building in New Brunswick.