2016 AAUP & CBC In the News

11.18.2016 | The Journal Gazette

Faculty at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) who objected to proposed program and governance changes have garnered support from colleagues at Indiana University-Bloomington and Purdue University at West Lafayette. David Sanders, chair of the Purdue University Senate at West Lafayette expressed concern that "almost all of the actions of the board of trustees, in fact, occur in secret" with "only a facade of open public meetings.” The AAUP sent a letter on behalf of IPFW  faculty to Chancellor Vicky Carwein.

11.18.2016 | Washington Post

The AAUP joined over 100 organizations in signing a letter to president-elect Donald Trump calling on him to condemn acts of hate that have increased dramatically since the election. The letter, co-authored by the American Federation of Teachers and the Southern Poverty Law Center, declares, “We ask you to use your position, your considerable platform and even your tweets to send a clear message that hate has no place in our public discourse, in our public policy or in our society.”

11.09.2016 | Chronicle of Higher Education

The AAUP expressed concern over threats to academic freedom, privatization of higher education, and more in the wake of the 2016 election. 

11.07.2016 | Inside Higher Ed

Instructor says he was fired, shortly after he complained to accreditor, for refusing to water down his curriculum and requirements. Another instructor quit rather than comply. The AAUP is investigating this case.

11.01.2016 | Aurora Sentinel

A week after the AAUP announced its investigation into the firing of adjunct professor Nathanial Bork at the Community College of Aurora, the Colorado Department of Higher Education is looking into recent curriculum changes at the college.

10.27.2016 | Politico Magazine

At Liberty University, Donald Trump's candidacy has spurred debates about free speech and free inquiry on campus. The AAUP's Joerg Tiede points out media policies that prohibit faculty from speaking with the press constitute “an interference in faculty members’ academic freedom,” and are another reason more professors should have tenure. Tiede says, “We certainly define academic freedom [to include] the freedom to speak to the press."

10.25.2016 | Inside Higher Ed

A book offers critiques of using big data to measure the output of professors and institutions, arguing that technique is equivalent to “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” David Hughes, Rutgers AAUP-AFT president, asks, “What consequences might flow from such a warped set of metrics?" 

10.24.2016 | Cincinnati Enquirer

Ohio AAUP leaders John McNay and Ron Jones write, "We support our student athletes and want them to have the opportunity to compete. We do not advocate the elimination of sports, but we do believe that the university must dramatically reduce the subsidy to athletics – and the sooner the better. Athletics should no longer be immune to the starvation budgets too many of our academic departments and colleges are facing."