2016 AAUP & CBC In the News

09.22.2016 | WDTN-TV

Wright State students held protests on campus calling out the administration for mishandling money and cutting faculty.

09.21.2016 | The North Wind: Northern Michigan University

Biology professor Brent Graves was elected to lead the Northern Michigan University AAUP chapter as president. He has worked extensively with the AAUP since 2003 and served as chief negotiator for three contract terms before he became grievance officer for six years. “I wanted to help AAUP to be a positive force in dealing with many significant issues facing our university,” he said. Graves said that his goals as president of the union include making NMU a place where students receive the support they need and faculty can have happy, productive and rewarding careers.

09.20.2016 | Iowa City Press-Citizen

Members of the University of Iowa AAUP chapter will hold a community discussion about the association's sanction vote against the university.

09.19.2016 | Chemical & Engineering News

In addition to its central role in protecting academic freedom, this feature looks at the critical role tenure plays in scientific research, breakthroughs and maintaining high quality higher education. It also addresses key myths. AAUP members Rebecca Roesner and Judith Burstyn join the AAUP's Joerg Tiede in weighing in.

09.12.2016 | Dayton Business Journal

The Wright State AAUP chapter calls on the school to avoid firing faculty because of "fiscal mismanagement by the central administration." AAUP-WSU president Marty Kich pointed out that  the school "has poured funds into entities and auxiliaries (e.g., Wright State Applied Research Corporation, Intercollegiate Athletics, Double Bowler, ad infinitum) which neither generate enough revenue to pay for themselves nor support the core mission of our university," and said, "These misplaced priorities have continued in the budget cuts (still only vaguely delineated) made this summer, in which academic units suffered greater cuts than administrative ones."

09.07.2016 | Quad City Times

University of Iowa professor and AAUP member Loren Glass sheds light on the work of AAUP and the significance of censure or sanction.

09.06.2016 | Denver Westword

A letter from Caprice Lawless, AAUP vice president and part-time instructor at Front Range Community College, to the Colorado General Assembly's Legislative Audit Committee seeking an audit of the college system is part of an ongoing campaign to bring attention to pay inequities faced by adjunct faculty.

08.31.2016 | Physics World

The NLRB ruled last week that students at private universities and colleges, working as teaching or research assistants, are employees with the right to join unions. Monday, graduate students from ten Yale University departments filed a petition to the NLRB requesting certification of a local union to represent them. "Graduate employees deserve a seat at the table and a voice in higher education. Collective bargaining can provide that," said Howard Bunsis, AAUP-CBC.