2018 AAUP & CBC In the News

12.28.2018 | The Simpsonian

The termination of two tenured faculty members at Simpson College has created concern the college has violated national standards for dismissals. Greg Scholtz, director of the department of academic freedom, tenure, and governance, has contacted the Simpson College administration and urged the college “to rescind the notices of termination."

12.20.2018 | Bloomberg Government

Online program managers, or OPMs, are becoming increasingly common as they can help schools develop, recruit and market online degrees with less financial risk to the university. But as the industry grows, so have faculty concerns about schools that are partnering with OPMs.

12.12.2018 | Washington Post

Washington Post cites AAUP's Hans-Joerg Tiede, a member of the AAUP’s department of academic freedom, tenure and governance, on academic freedom, about Temple University board chair remarks.

11.30.2018 | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Chapel Hill is the latest campus to dust off old bylaws and resurrect a chapter of the AAUP, the longtime advocacy group for academic freedom. Groups at Dartmouth College and Syracuse University have revived their chapters within the past year or so, and faculty at Cornell University are in talks to do the same. Organizers reviving the chapters say academic freedom is under attack as college “corporatization,” state politics, and an overreliance on adjunct labor threaten to stifle the faculty’s voice.

11.29.2018 | In These Times

Since the NLRB ruling in August 2016 which extended bargaining rights to graduate workers at private universities, graduate unions have spread quickly in the two years since.

11.16.2018 | Inside Higher Education

Drawing parallels between the Trump administration and others around the world that have sought to diminish the rights and status of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people of late, AAUP's Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure and its Committee on Women in the Academic Profession released a statement on the administration’s reported plan to narrow the definition of gender under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits gender-based discrimination.

11.07.2018 | Pacific Standard

In late August a federal appeals court rejected a challenge to Texas' controversial campus carry law, the 2015 statute allowing gun owners with legal permits to bring their weapons to campus—and the classrooms—of public colleges and universities. The three University of Texas–Austin professors who filed the case did so on First Amendment grounds. Classroom discussion, they argued, would be "dampened to some degree" by concerns that a gun owner who was "moved to anger and impulsive action would open fire." The AAUP agreed.

11.02.2018 | WDTN News

AAUP union members at Wright State University plan to vote against the university's fact-finding report related to issues unresolved in current contract negotiations. Noelenn McIlvenna, a WSU professor and member of the AAUP-CBC's Executive Committee, said that proposed furlough days would result in faculty members doing their usual work without pay.