No Confidence in Rider President

By a majority vote of 75 percent, the Rider University faculty has passed a no-confidence vote against university president Gregory Dell'Omo and his financial team.

The vote was prompted by Dell’Omo’s decision to institute program cuts and layoffs of tenured faculty just weeks after taking office in 2015 and by his refusal to seriously negotiate with the faculty union.

“A series of rash actions by President Dell'Omo and a decade of dubious financial management have compelled Rider’s faculty to pass this motion,” said Art Taylor, professor of information systems and president of the Rider AAUP chapter

AAUP chapter leaders said in a statement that during his short time at Rider, Dell'Omo has demonstrated an autocratic, top-down management style which diminishes or ignores faculty input, and he has instituted a series of rash, unjustified actions which the faculty believe are not in keeping with the traditions of Rider University.

The unionized chapter has represented Rider’s nearly 500 full- and part-time faculty, librarians, coaches and athletic trainers since 1973. This is the unit’s first no-confidence vote.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, April 19, 2017