2018 AAUP Updates

02.12.2018 | Amicus Brief Supports "Sanctuary Jurisdictions"

The AAUP joined in an amicus brief supporting a permanent injunction against a Trump administration executive order that sought to strip federal funding from “sanctuary jurisdictions.” The AAUP’s interest in the case stems from the potential application of the executive order to colleges and universities.

02.08.2018 | Governance Committee Denounces Remarks by UW System President

Last week, news surfaced of an email by University of Wisconsin system president Ray Cross conveying his disrespect for shared governance, which he characterized as an obstacle to institutional restructuring. The AAUP’s Committee on College and University Governance joins the growing chorus of voices denouncing Cross’s ill-judged remarks and calling on him to explain them.

01.09.2018 | AAUP Submits Brief on Behalf of USC Faculty

The AAUP submitted an amicus brief urging the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit to uphold the National Labor Relation Board’s determination that non-tenure-track faculty at USC are not managerial employees and are therefore eligible to unionize under the National Labor Relations Act.