2010 AAUP Updates

11.30.2010 | Reopening Antioch

In an open letter to Antioch's new president and the college's stakeholders, the AAUP reminds the college of its responsibilities.

11.17.2010 | Emerson College Part-Time Faculty Union Achieves ‘Fair Share’

This provision will provide the resources necessary for the AFEC-AAUP chapter to more effectively represent part-time faculty and enforce their contract. 

10.20.2010 | By a Wide Margin, Bowling Green Faculty Vote for AAUP Union

 A significant victory for the faculty and for the principles of the AAUP. 

10.08.2010 | IRS Deadline for Chapters and Conferences

AAUP chapters and conferences must file 990-N postcards by October 15 to retain tax-exempt status.

08.27.2010 | Administrative Costs Rise as State Support Dwindles

The Goldwater Institute report Administrative Bloat at American Universities: The Real Reason for High Costs in Higher Education highlights dramatic growth from 1993–2007 in administrative positions in universities as compared to positions in instruction, research, and service.

08.26.2010 | A Day to Defend Public Education

 October 7, 2010, has been designated as a national day of action to defend public education and to protest its privatization.

08.09.2010 | Leaving the Job Undone

Update: H.R. 1586 was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives. 

08.03.2010 | Scientific Data Must Be Released

The AAUP has joined the National Wildlife Federation and prominent scientists and researchers in an open letter to attorney general Eric Holder and BP CEO Robert Dudley asking for full public release of all scientific data related to the Gulf Coast oil disaster. (8/3)