2010 AAUP Updates

01.29.2010 | Good Contract in Tough Times

Yesterday, members of the University of Akron AAUP chapter ratified a contract with the administration. 

01.23.2010 | Study Reveals Support for Shared Governance

The study demonstrates the continued relevance and power of the AAUP’s concept of shared governance. 

01.20.2010 | State Department Lifts Ban on Scholars

Update 2/16/10: The AAUP and other coalition members sent a letter to secretary of state Hillary Clinton thanking her for ending the exclusion of Habib and Ramadan and asking her to reconsider other, similar cases.

01.14.2010 | Misplaced Priorities

USA Today finds that at many institutions, athletic programs continue to receive large subsidies--even while instructional budgets are being cut. 

01.11.2010 | AAUP Leaders Urge Provost to Give Up Nike Board Seat

The national AAUP congratulates its University of Washington chapter on its thoughtful and well reasoned statement urging UW provost Phyllis Wise to resign from her position on the board of the Nike Corporation.