2011 AAUP Updates

01.28.2011 | Advocacy and Faculty Rights

Update (2/1): Kristopher Petersen-Overton announced that he has been rehired. Cary Nelson called the rehiring "a victory for academic freedom and for the faculty."

01.27.2011 | Government Should Act on For-Profit Rules

The AAUP, along with thirty-seven other groups, urges the Obama administration to promptly adopt strong and enforceable rules on "gainful employment" to help curtail documented abuses by for-profit colleges.

01.04.2011 | One Story That Grew a Life of its Own

On July 22, 2010, AAUP president Cary Nelson discussed BP, academic freedom, and the perils of corporate funding in "BP and Academic Freedom" with Inside Higher Ed. The story went viral and to Congress.