2014 AAUP Updates

04.07.2014 | “Losing Focus” AAUP Releases Faculty Salary Report

Developments in recent decades—diversion of resources to administration, ballooning of contingent positions, and runaway spending on athletics—signal that our colleges and universities are losing focus on their academic missions.

03.31.2014 | How Managerial Are Faculty?

AAUP brief urges the NLRB to look closely at claims that private-college faculty have too much managerial power to have collective bargaining rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

03.18.2014 | Letter Urges Legislature To Restore Funding

Penalizing state educational institutions financially simply because members of the legislature disapprove of specific elements of the educational program is educationally unsound and constitutionally suspect: it threatens academic freedom and the quality of education.

03.17.2014 | National Office Closed March 17

The National Office is closed on March 17 due to another snow storm.

03.17.2014 | Bar Association Affirms Tenure

In a victory for academic freedom and tenure, the ABA has rejected proposals to eliminate or water down the tenure provisions in the accreditation standards for law schools. The AAUP vigorously opposed the removal of tenure from the accreditation standards.

03.06.2014 | PSU Faculty Approve Strike

The faculty at Portland State University voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike if an agreement can't be reached with the school administration on a new contract. A strike date has not been set.

03.05.2014 | Proposed Maryland Legislation "Ill-Conceived"

The AAUP and the NCAC criticize academic boycotts, but warn public officials against interference with political expression, open discussion, and debate.

02.27.2014 | Rhode Island Labor Relations Board Rules in Favor of URI/AAUP

More than a year and a half after filing an Unfair Labor Practice charge, the members of University of Rhode Island faculty union, URI/AAUP, finally got a ruling in their favor from the state’s Labor Relations Board.