2017 AAUP Updates

09.19.2017 | Legal Brief Against Trump's Travel Ban

Yesterday the AAUP joined with the American Council on Education and other higher ed groups in an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court opposing Trump’s travel ban. The brief argues that people from the six countries identified in the ban should not be barred or deterred from entering the United States and contributing to our colleges and universities.

09.15.2017 | Win for Climate Science and the AAUP

Today the Arizona Court of Appeals rejected attempts by a “free market” legal foundation to use public records requests to compel faculty members to release emails related to their climate research.

09.14.2017 | AAUP Joins ACE Letter Urging Congress to Pass DACA Legislation

The AAUP signed on to a September 12 letter to congressional leaders urging them to pass legislation that would offer permanent protection to individuals currently participating in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Over seventy-five associations joined the community letter, initiated by the American Council on Education following the Trump administration's decision to rescind the policy that enabled nearly 800,000 individuals to receive temporary protection through the DACA program.

09.08.2017 | AAUP Welcomes Rachel Buff as Editor of Journal of Academic Freedom

The AAUP is pleased to announce the appointment of Rachel Ida Buff as the new faculty editor of the online AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom. Buff, who will begin her term as editor with the ninth volume of JAF, is a professor of history, director of the Cultures and Communities Program, and coordinator of the Comparative Ethnic Studies Program at University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. 

09.05.2017 | AAUP Denounces Decision to End DACA Program

The American Association of University Professors denounces in the strongest possible terms the decision by the Trump administration to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). This decision marks a continuation of the anti-immigrant racist policies that the administration has supported from the start.

08.30.2017 | University of Tampa Rescinds Firing

After hearing from us, the administration of the University of Tampa has rescinded the firing of a contingent faculty member over a Tweet that led to an online harassment campaign against the professor and his family. 

08.29.2017 | Dartmouth Must Defend Faculty and Student Rights

We remain concerned about the wave of intimidation and threats that have swept campuses and the country this year, including, in the case of Mark Bray at Dartmouth College. We call on the Dartmouth administration to speak out in defense of the rights of faculty and students generally, and Bray specifically, and to condemn the targeted harassment of Bray.

08.01.2017 | Guidance on Border Searches

The AAUP released a new document with responses to frequently asked questions about inspections of electronic devices by US border patrol officers.