The AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress is the umbrella organization for unionized AAUP chapters. We promote organizing among tenure-line and contingent faculty, academic professionals, and graduate employees and provide support to member chapters as they work to protect shared governance and academic freedom, to uphold professional standards and values, and to promote quality higher education.

  • The Professor Watchlist, which purports to catalogue faculty who "advance leftist propaganda in the classroom,” is a threat to academic freedom and free speech. The AAUP invites you to stand in solidarity with colleagues who have been singled out by asking to be added to the list.

  • On January 19, the AAUP and allies, including the American Federation of Teachers, Cosecha, and the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, are promoting a day of action aimed at creating more sanctuary campuses and bringing attention to the issue. See resources and information. 

  • The AAUP's June 14–18 annual conference will feature presentations on student rights and freedoms. Ibram X. Kendi, winner of the 2016 National Book Award for Nonfiction for his book Stamped from the Beginning: A Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America, will be the plenary speaker.

  • The Journal is now accepting submissions for the 2017 volume through January 31, 2017.  We welcome scholarly articles on the status of academic freedom today, especially those exploring globalization, "civility," or the economics of academic freedom.

  • Our survey includes data on over 375,000 full-time faculty, making it the largest independent faculty compensation survey in the US. This year, for the first time, the survey includes data about faculty in part-time positions.


Legislators in Missouri and Iowa have introduced legislation that would eliminate tenure for faculty at public institutions in these states. The AAUP opposes both pieces of proposed legislation.

The AAUP delivered an open letter to Turning Point USA, criticizing its watch list and requesting that the names of more than 11,000 faculty and supporter signatories be added in a show of solidarity with those listed.

We condemn the spike in hate crimes and harassment on campus since the election. We call on faculty and administrators to speak out against them and to support all efforts to ensure that campus communities are welcoming and inclusive, including through the establishment of sanctuary campuses to protect undocumented students.

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