The AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress is the umbrella organization for unionized AAUP chapters. We promote organizing among tenure-line and contingent faculty, academic professionals, and graduate employees and provide support to member chapters as they work to protect shared governance and academic freedom, to uphold professional standards and values, and to promote quality higher education.


At the AAUP's annual conference, three members will be honored for their extraordinary dedication and accomplishments as faculty activists. The AAUP's Georgina M. Smith Award will go to Deborah Smith of Kent State University. The AAUP's Outstanding Achievement Award will go to Alexander Zukas of National University. The AAUP-CBC's Marilyn Sternberg Award will go to Martin Kich of Wright State University. 

Investigators into a case at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln concluded that the dismissal of a lecturer was related to the political content of speech and thus may have violated academic freedom. The case, which crystallizes the current right-wing assault on higher education, involves issues that the AAUP has been working on intensively this year--faculty harassment and exaggerated controversies over free speech on campus.

An AAUP amicus brief filed on Friday argued that professor Teresa Buchanan’s academic freedom was violated when Louisiana State University dismissed her for making statements in the classroom that the university improperly characterized as sexual harassment.

How-Tos and Resources

Need to learn more about bargaining, strike preparation, or chapter administration? We offer members of AAUP-CBC chapters how-tos and resources on these topics and more. 

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2018 Election

Nominations are sought for the offices of AAUP-CBC secretary, treasurer, and three at-large seats. 

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Sternberg Award Honors Martin Kich

Martin Kich of Wright State University is the winner of this year's Marilyn Sternberg Award. The award is presented to an AAUP member who demonstrates concern for human rights, courage, persistence, political foresight, imagination, and collective bargaining skills. Kich was chosen for the award in recognition of his years of outstanding service to Wright State's AAUP chapter, as an elected leader and a critical member of the chapter's negotiating team in a difficult financial and political environment for collective bargaining; to the Ohio state AAUP conference; and to the national AAUP and AAUP-CBC.

Preparing for Challenges

As we face unprecedented challenges in the courts and state legislatures, AAUP members are coming together to fight for higher education and the critical role it plays in this country.

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