Block Andrew Puzder Nomination

The AAUP urges the Senate to block the nomination of Andrew Puzder as secretary of labor.

Donald Trump’s choice of a fast food billionaire to represent and defend labor is alarming. American workers deserve good jobs that pay well and offer room for advancement as well as the opportunity for fulfilled lives. Puzder apparently has no appreciation for the kind of employment that provides for a middle class lifestyle.

Puzder has opposed paid sick leave, overtime pay, and raising the minimum wage, and he is an opponent of the right of workers to organize unions. He is dismissive of labor laws and his restaurants have been found to be in violation of multiple federal employment laws, including worker safety laws. His restaurants and franchisees have been fined for numerous OSHA violations and ordered to pay back wages to hundreds of employees who were unfairly underpaid.

Extraordinarily wealthy, Puzder donated over $300,000 to the Trump campaign. But he seems to view the employees who generated his wealth as an annoyance, noting in a Wall Street Journal editorial that he looks forward to more automation because machines are always at work on time and never slip and fall.

Puzder clearly does not have the knowledge or experience to head the Department of Labor and the AAUP urges the Senate to reject the nomination.

Publication Date: 
Thursday, February 2, 2017