2019 AAUP & CBC In the News

08.16.2019 | Washington Post

Unfortunately many university policies leave faculty who are targeted by strategic lawsuits against public participation to fend for themselves. However there are concrete steps institutions could take to protect faculty, including some recommendations from the AAUP.

08.06.2019 | Cleveland Plain Dealer

The AAUP chapter at the University of Akron is raising concerns after a survey of members showed a lack of confidence in administrative leaders and policy initiatives.

07.22.2019 | Inside Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed fact checks a misleading op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on faculty work and pay.

07.10.2019 | Anchorage Daily News

The agency that accredits universities in Alaska is warning legislators that a 41 percent cut in state funding for the University of Alaska could lead to the loss of accreditation.

07.01.2019 | NJ.com

Rider University announced it will not sell Westminster Choir College. Rider’s AAUP chapter was the main opponent of the plan, and took the university to federal court last year seeking an injunction to the sale. 

06.18.2019 | Idaho State Journal

Idaho State University proudly touts to media the institution's removal from AAUP's sanctioned list. 

06.17.2019 | Inside Higher Education

Vermont Law School, St. Edwards University, and Nunez Community College are asked for comment on their placement on the AAUP's sanction/censure lists as is Idaho State University, which was just removed from the sanction list.

05.28.2019 | Chicago Tribune

A recurring scene played out at local college campuses this year: picket lines. One explanation for the surge in campus labor activity is that unions have grown on college campuses since the 1970s, according to a position paper from the AAUP.