2014 AAUP Updates

05.29.2014 | Nomination and Election Notice

Nominations are being accepted for the offices of AAUP-CBC Secretary, Treasurer, and three at-large seats. The length of term for each position is two years. Nominations may be received from the floor at the AAUP-CBC Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 12, 2014.

12.22.2014 | NLRB Decision Strengthens Organizing Rights of Private-Sector Faculty Members

On Saturday, December 20, 2014, the National Labor Relations Board published a significant decision involving the organizing rights of private-sector faculty members.

12.19.2014 | Expanded Right to Use E-mail for Union Organizing

National Labor Relations Board decision significantly expands the right of employees, including faculty at private institutions, to use their employers' e-mail systems for union organizing.

12.02.2014 | AAUP Urges Voluntary Recognition of Faculty Union

Rudy Fichtenbaum wrote a letter to  the president of the Board of Governors University of Puerto Rico expressing the AAUP's support for the efforts currently being undertaken by the Puerto Rican Association of University Professors (APPU) to achieve collective bargaining for the faculty at the university.

11.21.2014 | AAUP Supports Oregon Teaching Fellows

The AAUP commends the University of Oregon faculty senate on its stand against the administration’s attempt to subvert faculty governance and weaken academic standards as means to undermine a potential Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation's strike.

11.13.2014 | Teaching Evaluation

The AAUP's Committee on Teaching, Research, and Publications has developed a survey, and urges you to provide us with information about your institution and your experience with faculty teaching evaluations.

11.05.2014 | Centennial Declaration

Show your support for restoring colleges and universities as a public good by signing the AAUP Centennial Declaration.

10.23.2014 | New AAUP Advocacy Chapter at Seton Hall University

The chapter will focus on increasing faculty recruitment, creating a faculty survey to better understand and respond to the concerns of current faculty members, and developing a more open dialogue between faculty.