2015 AAUP Updates

10.26.2015 | Campus Equity Week Is Here!

Campus Equity Week is kicking off on Capitol Hill today with a congressional briefing offering policy solutions to legislators to help transform working conditions for adjunct or contingent faculty, who constitute 75 percent of the teaching faculty in higher education in the US. Contingent faculty typically work without job security, for low wages, and without access to the working conditions that underlie student learning. CEW is supported by a large coalition of faculty activists and organizations of all sizes.

10.19.2015 | Nominations Invited for 2016 Election

The Association’s Nominating Committee seeks nominations for candidates for election to the AAUP’s governing Council in spring 2016. Nominations are due by Monday, December 14, 2015.

10.13.2015 | AAUP Committee Endorses October 15 Graduate Employee Day of Action

On Thursday, October 15, 2015 graduate employees at universities throughout the country are standing up in defense of their right to form unions and bargain collectively with their employers. The AAUP Committee on Graduate and Professional Students issued a statement a statement of solidarity in support of this day of action. 

10.09.2015 | Call for Proposals for 2016 Annual Conference on Higher Education

The AAUP Annual Conference on the State of Higher Education will be held June 15-19, 2016, in conjunction with the AAUP Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. As we move into our second century, we invite reflection on racial, social, and labor justice in higher education.

10.01.2015 | Journal of Academic Freedom Issues Call for Papers on Global Partnerships

The AAUP’s Journal of Academic Freedom seeks scholarly articles that assess the impact on academic freedom of American universities’ partnerships with, and branch campuses and programs in, authoritarian countries. More general treatments of the “global university” and articles that address other major challenges to traditional notions of academic freedom are also welcome.

09.28.2015 | Part-time Faculty Request to Join Existing Union

Part-time faculty at the Los Angeles campus of Emerson College wrote to college president Lee Pelton requesting recognition for all part-time faculty at Emerson LA to become a part of an existing union of part-time faculty at Emerson College. Part-time faculty at the college’s main campus in Boston are represented in collective bargaining by the Affiliated Faculty of Emerson College, which is affiliated with the American Association of University Professors (AFEC-AAUP).

09.25.2015 | Regents Must Protect University's Independence

The AAUP and the Council of University of California Faculty Associations call upon University of California regents to protect the right of administrators and faculty to determine internal university policies through established processes of shared governance free from external political pressure.

09.24.2015 | The AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom is Online Now

Volume 6 of the Journal of Academic Freedom includes eight essays that discuss the case of Steven Salaita and eight essays addressing other academic freedom issues.