Preparing for Challenges

As we face unprecedented challenges in the courts and state legislatures, AAUP members are coming together in the One Faculty, One Resistance campaign to fight for higher education and the critical role it plays in this country.

Our collective voice is a powerful force to set standards and create better workplaces in our country and in higher education. Together, we work effectively to ensure safe environments and quality higher education. Together, we defend academic freedom, shared governance, and due process protections. Standing together also makes it possible for us to negotiate affordable healthcare, a fair return on our work, and the ability to retire with dignity. Our freedom to join together in unions to set standards and create fair rules for working families is absolutely critical at a time when higher education faces unprecedented corporatization and when educators and our colleges and universities are under siege for the role they play in our society.

 We recognize higher education is a public good. But wealthy interests often view it as a commodity and see our work as a challenge to their economic advantage and political power. Corporations and CEOs have created organizations to attack and undermine our collective voice, our universities, and our scholarship. Where these attacks have succeeded, universities, faculty, and students have all suffered, and the foundations of free inquiry and robust scholarship are threatened.

What to do in February

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Current Threats

Supreme Court Will Hear Case Threatening Fair-Share Fees

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